Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013
I "LIKE" all kendo lovers.

Akihito Abe (with my kote)

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Kendo with Social Media (translated)

Following is a blog article written by my friend Akimichi, information system staff for All Japan Kendo Federation same as me. I thought it is worth being translated into English.


All Japan Kendo Federation eventually was utilizing various social media. Started off with YouTube, then to Twitter, Twitpic, blog, Ustream, and Flickr.
Since the updates were random so it was hard for the audience to acknowledge when and which media was updated. So we have developed a social media portal site for the 58th All Japan Kendo Championship (produced by 1-10 design), with prediction of it being THE event for most of the All Japan Kendo Federation social media account to be updating their site.

This social media portal site has made an easier access for the audience to view the All Japan Kendo Championship events via internet broadcasting without having to know the various social media existing.
The collective site for social media is iPad compatible. It is built without Flash, using the standard HTML and JavaScript as much as possible.

Following is the instruction to view the social media collective site on iPad.

Ustream Internet broadcasting
It is planned to air all tournaments held at the 58th All Japan Kendo Championship (3rd, Nov, Culture Day) via internet. It will be the first attempt for All Japan Kendo Championship to air live via Ustream for internet broadcasting.
NHK will air from 4:00~5:30pm in Japan. (Please refer to :All Japan
Kendo Federation blog: the commentator and timetable for TV has been decided).
NHK has been broadcasting the All Japan Kendo Championship every year, and many Kendo martial artist are looking forward to watch it.
The broadcasting of NHK is popular with its equanimous announce and comments with thorough knowledge.
Having that said, NHK doesn’t air from the first match to final, so people had to go the Japan Budokan to see all tournaments. The excitement is different through display and actually being there, so internet broadcast will never take its place, but the transportation fee to Tokyo could be a big obstacle for coming and it is a fact that many prefer to view the match via broadcast. (Side tracking, if the number of people coming to see the tournament declines because of the internet broadcasting, I believe all internet related activities will be banned. I am hoping for the awareness to rise through internet activities hence rising the number of people coming to the event. But this needs to be witnessed. Disclosing information on internet is actually difficult then said. So to sum it up, I really would appreciate many to come see the actual event.)

There are limitation of the live broadcast is only within Japan. However, All Japan Kendo Championship is one of the events which is the center of the attention from the Kendo lovers, globally. Up to now, there were limitation of aquiring the status for people outside of Japan. With this attempt, tournament at Japan Budokan can be witness globally.

Ustream URL
Broadcast for All Japan Kendo Championship can be viewed via a Web service, Ustream. Event will be held at two sights, hence two channel is required to air.

• Ustream live Channel 1 http://www.ustream.tv/channel/aj-kendo-f
• Ustream live Channel 2 http://www.ustream.tv/channel/aj-kendo-f-ch2

History and future of social media
All Japan Kendo Federation start their media activities since 2008. Up
to then, All Japan Kendo Federation website was the main source of
providing information. Since 2008, various social media became active
alongside with All Japan Kendo Federation website.

YouTube channel for All Japan Kendo Federation has been open since 2008. This was the first attempt for All Japan Kendo Federation to start their social media activities.
The first to be issued was the first All Japan Kendo Championship held more than fifty years ago, which achieved quite a hit.

Moreover, uploading digest version for each tournament, made possible to see not only the result but also the ongoing matches as well.

All Japan Kendo Championship Special site
In 2008, to make the 56th All Japan Kendo Championship even more exciting, a special site was developed. This special site has won, the Webby award and the 2009 Good Design award.

The All Japan Kendo Championship for 2009 an 2010 will continue using
this site with minor adjustment.

Twitter and Twitpic
Last year, All Japan Kendo Federation has open an account for Twitter and Twitpic to announce the status of th 57th All Japan Kendo Championship. (Current account is : @ajkendf ). They were used for quick update of the tournament and to provide information to other social media.

High speed Camera
In 2009’s tournament, we have uploaded a slow motion movie recorded with a high speed camera on YouTube. Kendo’s movement is extremely fast and difficult to determine but witnessing the movement on high speed camera very accurately was, personally quite shocking.

URL List of Social Media site for All Japan Kendo Federation
Following is the list of All Japan Kendo Federation’s social media

All Japan Kendo Federation would like to maintain the current social media whilst seeking for more ways to utilize and activate social media.
For personal task, I would like to disclose as much as possible the knowledge for other association to disclose their information via internet.
(Social media study for sports associations).

There are limitation of what can be done based on the fact that most of the activities are supported by voluntary work, I would like to try my best and continue to disclose the knowledge acquired as much as possible.
So please enjoy the internet broadcasting of 58th All Japan Kendo
Championship on 3rd, November.



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The 58th All Japan Kendo Championship website

AJKF has changed top image of All Japan Kendo Championship website.
Clockwide from top, Teramoto, Harada, Ishida, Eiga, Miyazai, Uchimura. All are fomer Champions.Also, putting men at the left, is Tetsuo Kawazoe, 2times champion with jodan-style, but he died with train accident in 1988.

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The 58th All Japan Kendo Championship exculusive

Monthly issued magazine, "Kendo Jidai" will be handing out 300 exclusive umbrella bags for free, at the All Japan Kendo Championship. Please stop by at the bookselling booth for Kendo Jidai in Nihon Budokan.

Sketch of the equipment bag which is now in development will be displayed, at the magazine "Kendo Jidai" special booth.

I will be there as well. Please say "hi" if you see a guy with beard and glasses.

see you soon!

Akihito ABE


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Nice photo from 57th All Japan Kendo Championship

Uchimura is writing his autograph for kids after his victory.

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57th All Japan Kendo Championship Twitter & Twitpic

AJKF broadcasted 57th All Japan Kendo Championship by using Twitter (written both J and E).

Also, uploaded many photos by using Twitpic

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Uchimura again ! 内村、3年ぶり2度目の栄冠

Uchimura 5-dan (age 29) won 57th All Japan Kendo Championship this year.
This is 2nd time victory for him since 2006.

Champ Uchimura (Tokyo)
2nd Takahashi (Tokyo)
3rd Teramoto (Osaka)
Takasaka (Shizuoka)

All Japan Kendo Federation has uploaded many movies of the matches.

Final Uchimura-Takhashi (high speed film)

Semi-Final Teramoto-Uchimura (high speed film)

more on



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All Japan Kendo Championship Twitter


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the 57Th all japan kendo championship

is going to be held today. Now I am on the way to niIhon budokan. I will tweet from nihon budokan as twitter name "aj_kendo_f"

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14wkc team results 世界剣道選手権男子団体は日本が優勝 

World kendo championship men's team results

1st Japan
2nd USA
3rd Korea
3rd Brazil


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Teramoto won 14wkc men 's individual tournament

Teramoto (JPN) won by Men at the final.
2nd, and 3rd are all Korean.



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All Japan Kendo Championship Blog 全日本選手権オフィシャルブログ

All Japan Kendo Federation has just launched "The 75th All Japan Kendo Championship Blog" last week.You can check results of pre-tournament held in each prefecture.

全日本剣道連盟は、先週「57回全日本剣道選手権 公式ブログ」をオープンしました。各都道府県での予選結果などが続々と掲載されています。これはいい!

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Kendo SNS [kendology.org] 剣道学SNSに入りました。


My friends invited me to "Kendology.org", which is kendo-only SNS(social networking service).I like it!

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谷口安則氏死去 Yasunori Taniguchi passed away

Yasunori Taniguchi Hanshi 9-dan passed away on 19th May at age 88.

The 38th Kyoto Taikai(1990)
Kyoto butokuden
鹿児島 谷口安則 範士八段 69歳
埼玉  楢﨑正彦 範士八段 67歳
Yasunori TANIGUCHI (Hanshi 8-dan,Age 69)
Masahiko NARAZAKI (Hanshi 8-dan,Age 67)

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Miyazaki became 8-dan 宮崎正裕さん八段合格


Masahiro Miyazaki(46) got 8-dan in Kyoto!
Kenjiro Terachi also got 8-dan.

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Kendo underwear 大剣士養成ギプス?

Japanese sports company "Glory Gear" released an underwear specially for kendo. BAK(boost ability for kendo), produced by Kentaro Takahashi who was a trainer of Japan national team for 13WKC.



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AJKF All Japan Kendo Championship online promotion summary


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全剣連 剣道に関するホームページコンテスト結果 AJKF Kendo Web-site Contest



21 websites are awarded as a winner of Kendo Web-site Contest.

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kendo vs Ice Skating 剣道vsアイススケート

from Japanese famous tv show "Tantei Night Scoop".
On ice, which is stronger, kendoka or skater?
just for laugh.


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69 vs 67   69歳と67歳とは思えない。

鹿児島 谷口安則 範士八段 69歳
埼玉  楢﨑正彦 範士八段 67歳


The 38th Kyoto Taikai(1990)
Kyoto butokuden

Yasunori TANIGUCHI (Hanshi 8-dan,Age 69)
Masahiko NARAZAKI (Hanshi 8-dan,Age 67)

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